Anime Teahouse is where passion meets the passionate. We found our inspiration while traveling around East Asia and finally experiencing what real tea tasted like. (not the stuff that’s
$2 at the grocery store.) We were overcome with the aromatic flavors of the unique tea blends.

Our shop is located in Yreka, California. We believe in offering items that are not only adorable but sturdy enough for your daily tea rituals.


Believes the perfect day would involve reading manga while enjoying a cup of one of her signature blends. When she’s not in the shop, you can find her watching the latest anime with her kids or adventuring around California.

Artist Bio:

None of Anime teahouse characters would be possible without the help of the amazing and talented artist KucingKecil. Each tea character is hand drawn to portray the particular tea they represent.

KucingKecil is an illustrator in digital and traditional media. Her signature art is Vintage Oriental style. She also loves to make a starry artwork. You can find her at @kucingkecil_cabin